In line with Policy Statement PS20/8, and the ban on discretionary commission models effective from 28 January 2021, The Financial Conduct Authority states that if a credit broker (definition of which extends vehicle dealers and motor finance) receives a commission based on the products or services they sell, then the FCA sets an expectation on any intermediary to disclose the existence of commissions, fees or other remuneration payable, in good time before a credit agreement or consumer hire agreement is executed.

How DRM Motors complies with FCA rules:
DRM Motors confirm the existence of commissions payable within our business. We receive commission, fees and financial remuneration for the Services and Products we provide and sell. We disclose the existence of commission, and upon request, the amount of any commissions payable, which promotes transparency with our customers.
We do this to ensure that our customers decision to purchase one of our products or services is fully informed. From a customer’s perspective, amount of commissions payable to any credit broker may materially influence the customers decision to enter into the credit agreement, or not. In addition to this, we provide commission disclosures before customers enter into any credit agreement, so that our customers can rest assured that the product or service recommended to them is not based on the financial payment the Broker stands to gain out of the agreement.

What do we disclose and how can you request it?
We are required to disclose, in good time before a credit agreement is made, the existence of commissions payable within our business. We will also disclose to you the commission model that our business relies on so you may confirm it is not discretionary. When you request it, we will disclose the amount of commissions payable, too.
You can submit a request for a Commission Disclosure at any time, and we will aim to respond to your request within 14 days.

You can contact us by:
Phone: 01754 767131
In Writing: DRM Motors, Beresford Avenue, Skegness, Lincolnshire, PE25 3JD.